Tuesday AUG 20, 7:30pm

We have so much to praise our God for!
Encounter Night is a night not to be missed, as we worship and seek His face in prayer; positioning ourselves for the next season He has for us as a Church and individually.

“My heart, O God, is quiet and confident.
Now I can sing with passion your wonderful praises!
Awake, O my soul, with the music of his splendor-song!
Arise, my soul, and sing his praises!
My worship will awaken the dawn, greeting the daybreak with my songs of praise!
Wherever I go I will thank you, my God.
Among all the nations they will hear my praise songs to you.
Your love is so extravagant it reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness so astonishing it stretches to the sky!
Lord God, be exalted as you soar throughout the heavens.
May your shining glory be shown in the skies!
Let it be seen high above all the earth! (Ps 57: 7-11)