Hi all,

The first miracle Jesus performed was to address a catering under estimation at a wedding by turning a lot of water into wine.

We live in a region that has a good number of smallish vineyards. The grapes that are grown in these parts are not table grapes but wine grapes.  

In the coming months these grapes will be harvested and pressed. The pressing of the grapes produces the grape juice; juice that in time becomes wine.  

There are times we may feel pressed or under pressure, no one particularly enjoys that feeling. It is in the pressing that the new wine is produced. New wine in the new testimony was symbolic of the new covenant or a new uncomplicated way of God relating to people.  

In the pressing God is producing new things in you!  
He wants a deeper more real and less complicated relationship with you. Be encouraged he is doing good things and new things in the pressing.  

As a church we press into an exciting new day, where God is certainly doing new things.  

We continue to thank and praise God for our new Hobart location in Moonah, we continue to thank him for the miracle.  

We have all worked hard and continue to work hard and sometimes may even feel a little pressed. As we prepare for the next stage of the building development, let’s keep praying, remember in the pressing God is producing “New Wine” a new thing and leading us into a very exciting new day.

Pray for the building team as we consider, select tenants and plan for the future success of the Centre. The advertising period for the development application has closed, please keep praying for this process to go smoothly.

See you in Church!

God Bless
Ps Dave