Connect Groups are small groups of people, drawn together by a common purpose or interest to learn, grow and be inspired together. Being a part of a Connect Group connects you into the life of our Church, giving you the opportunity to grow, stretch and flourish. Our Connect Groups are many and varied, catering for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Our Connect groups are the real key to developing relationships. They include many different types to choose from and are held every week in various locations throughout Hobart.
Whatever the age, interest, or location there is a group that is just right for you.
We have so many exciting connect groups happening throughout each week @ Energizer Church. To help you get connected, we have decided to make it that little bit easier and compile them into one central place.
Please click on the link below and select any connect group that you are interested in, scroll down and click on the sign up link and the leader of the group will contact you. That’s the easy part; the hard part is deciding on which group!


Life Groups

Adult Mixed – Blackmans Bay (Tuesdays, Weekly, 7:30pm)

Adult Mixed – Northern Suburbs (Tuesdays, Weekly 7:30pm)

Adult Mixed – Bellerive (Tuesdays, Fortnightly, 7:30pm)

Ladies – Howrah (Thursdays, Weekly, 12:00pm)

Men – Lindisfarne (Wednesdays, Weekly, 7:30am)

Adult Mixed (Westerway)

Ladies – Eastern Shore

Adult Mixed (Bridgewater)
Interest Groups

Creative (Wednesdays, Weekly, 6:15pm)

Motor Cycle Group (3rd Sunday arvo of every month)

Prayer & Worship (Tuesday, Fortnightly from 6:30pm)

Mums with Preschoolers

Unify – Adult Mixed

John – A book of Signs

Smart Bible Reading


This is a 10 week study course through the book of John. There are activities

to complete watch day as the group work through the book of John. People will

look at the themes and ideas John wants us to notice. Along the way, they will

share their journey with like-minded people and learn new ways to examine any

book of the Bible. The group will meet once a week at 113 Kelson Place Acton

Park. (or another suitable venue depending on participants). This is for new

christians as well as people who want to engage with the book of John.

Meet Tuesdays each week from 7pm til 9pm.


A three week course examining how to read the Bible. Learn how to use clever

techniques, aids to reading and ways to regularly hear what God is saying to you.

Using a smart phone, applicable apps and journaling will be covered.

Meet Wednesdays from week 3 til 5 at Energizer church 7pm til 9pm.


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